Gert Verhulst Thursday morning surgery

e46b785ca6ce327d5f8df5ed6afa95fa - Gert Verhulst Thursday morning surgery

The punishment for news about Gert Verhulst, the owner of the Studio 100’s this morning to have the surgery. Now, on Thursday, without a doubt, have operated on hundreds of people, but by Gert Verhulst, four weeks prior to the recording of “The Battle” operation.
“Auwtch! Gert Verhulst is on the table, and that is when his training for The Battle. A lot of change for the better!”, we can read about it on the Instagram of the FOUR. George immediately received a visit from James Cooke, in the hospital, and was in the mood for a Samson & Gert a joke out of it.

Witness: “Oh, Gertje, do you have a little bit of a new and original way ?”
James: “A new knee, be Careful !” #were particularly apt #change for the better”
Is this a silent hint that James Cooke, soon to be the new owner of a Samson, is going to be?