Eline De Munck is struggling with her ego

Eline De Munck is struggling with her ego

Getting on tv is to be allowed to stay? Eline De Munck resolutely refused. And that decision has put her money, in the meantime, it is to meet her and a successful business woman. Though, she realizes all too well what her real problem is…

Eline De Munck has over the past four years, has turned out to be a very successful and ambitious entrepreneur, with her brand of spectacles Odette Lunettes. The transition from tv personality to a woman, however, was not a foregone conclusion. “I thought this business with the years, the easier it would be, but the opposite is true,” reveals, Eline De Munck at All. Eline De Munck is aware that she does not have to be the best of the ‘people’s manager’, and this is a problem that is related to its televisieverleden…

“As a television face, everyone wanted to be my friend, he jumped in front of me, as someone brought up to me in my texts, I was a guest, and my hair was done. In other words, I was constantly being pampered,” realize, Eline De Munck, and that caused a big problem. “Once the camera is turned on, I had a one hundred percent focused. But never did I have anyone to tell them what they should be doing. That is, today will be completely different, of course.” As the woman turns to meet her with The Nova, after all, and the lines of business. “To lead a team to a new world for me,” says Eline De Munck at All. To meet her she realises that sometimes the people at the test kicks in, but it was always her lifeline.

Eline De Munck manages Odette Lunettes, together with her former love, Bob. “He’s very diplomatic, which I’m not,” said De, who is aware that they have each other and very complementary. “I have to be always the first to go out when I have a little bit of overheating’m lost. So I say to myself, ” to meet her, it’s not for you, as the leader of the group, you need to make sure that you can continue working.’” To meet her to realize that this is a problem that has been left out of her televisieverleden. “If the tv is the face you’ll get, anyway, with a big ego. Today, I still have to learn a few things to get it under control. But it’s getting better every day, and do it better.” Working with her ex was not always easy.