James Cooke is injured at shots George’s Late-Night

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On Wednesday it became known that James Cooke, and Gert Verhulst, from the beginning of september, two weeks is a long time Girl Late Night from the beach. On Tuesday, there were on the beach at Ostend, the recording for the promo video of the new season. Bad luck for James, as he was injured during the shooting, and that has an impact on his / her participation in The “Battle,” at FOUR years old. James was tottering in the studio of Radio 2 and Benefits in. “I have seen and done. Today we have the trailer for the new season of the Jones-Late-Night record,” says James. The weather was fine, the atmosphere was great and it was a regular good laugh. But during the course of the shooting was a mistake. The she directed the documentary, had love’s, smiling kakske, the more likely it is the month of the stolen verdwaalpaal on the beach in Ostend (belgium) in the picture. And there you have it. But, at any rate, I have just a little too far in his enthusiasm. “I’m loose at the smiling kakske walked in and got a big chunk of my toe, and lost. The wound allows for the arranging in the host. “I sway like a lot of pain to many. There is a large piece of skin off my toe, which has been an unmitigated disaster.” The preparations for the program are now in the home straight now of an injury go up, it is the worst thing in the deelnmeers it can happen to anyone. “This evening I have to go to a training session, but I, unfortunately, have to afbellen. Each and every training session is so crucial, from mid-August to start the filming. I am now on to the flip and the Girl, and also because we are so hard-go for it. We don’t want to go, it really is filled with stress. We want to be, Flanders is proud of us,” adds James to continue.