George’s Late Night moves to Ostend.

45f2681146042993461bb6a1f022e6a6 - George's Late Night moves to Ostend.

Tuesday afternoon, you know, Bart Tommelein in a photo of herself with James to Score in his social media accounts. Also, James Cooke, has been a fan of Ostend, the city by the sea”, wrote a letter to the mayor of Oostende in the picture. That post didn’t happen because George’s Late Night will be out in september for two weeks, from Ostend, to be sent out. On Tuesday, the first trailer for the new season of the Jones-Late Night in Ostend (belgium included, and it was not just James to Score, but also by Gert Verhulst is present. Fans of Girl in Late Night and were already calling for the program to even have a remote location to be transmitted. For the people of the east coast is a long trip to get to Evanna to go and have a look. As of september 2, the images of the Girl Late-Night two weeks in Ostend to take place, confirming The News. The Evanna will be moving shortly, so, from Antwerp to Ostend (oostende), a journey of less than ten hours. But I think that George, with his love for them. Girl should be two weeks long, not far off the displacement from Oostduinkerke to Antwerp to do so. The question is, to Ostend, to move away, was there at the time, Bart Tommelein in the previous season, was a guest on Jones’s Late Night. The Evanna will get a spot on the “Oosteroever”, and a great location on the beach. It is the intent of the city of Ostend, two weeks, a lot of publicity in the Girl’s Late Night, will get one during that two weeks, for example, the film Festival of Ostend (belgium). At the end of August, the Evanna, therefore, of Antwerp, and Ostend, which will be in about ten hours. First, by the Scheldt from the Netherlands towards the North sea, then it must have a lot of coast to be driven. The biggest challenge for the technical crew of the Girl from the Late Night. On the second Friday of september, it should all be wrapped up, speed and the Evanna in the direction of Antwerp, and by Monday morning, everything is back in place. Several hundred meters of cables have to go to the regiewagen to be laid and everything needs to be over at the weekend for testing.
The News was unveiled by Gert Verhulst, already have two names, that is, during the season of the Girl from Late Night to stay the night on the boat, Tourist LeMC, and Christoff.
Jones: Late Night is on Monday the 2nd of september, and again at FOUR years old.