Danny Fabry-two teeth will be lost

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Bad luck for Danny Fabry, and he has two teeth have lost it after a near-accident. “When I called Sunday morning to the bakery and later, a driver of another vehicle, the primacy of the right to forget to be granted. I have dichtsmijten” said Danny in an interview with the Showbiz Website. “Even though I have my seat belt on, had I, with my mouth still on the steering wheel of my car popped up. I felt that it was wrong, and I’m two of the teeth are lost,” the singer continued. Fortunately, it was not an accident, but she had to be on a Sunday morning a visit to the dentist on call. “He has one pen it, which is a temporary solution. On Sunday, I had three shows, one of which is a tv recording. I could hardly be that, appearances to cancel, and so I pulled up the courage to go to Bruges, Eeklo and in Baasrode. It is not likely that people will understand what’s going on with me on the matter, but I was at the live performance, however, it is a feeling that everyone else in my mouth, looking for food.”