Britt, Of Marsenille were, after the death of her ex

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Britt, Of Marsenille not afraid to admit that they are troubled for months being polite to her ex-love and a soul mate, Marc Van Eeghem, he died in a drag battle with cancer. “I felt really lost,” says Britt in the Broadway.

Marc Van Eeghem, died in march of 2017 with prostate cancer. When Britt was On Marsenille thinking about him, then she broke out of her sadness, and often with a great smile on her face. “He was a fine man,” said Britt in the Broadway.

Ever told, Marc is in the flemish weekly Humo that he was called to a break-up with Britt, since she was twenty years younger, and still have a whole life ahead of them when he had cancer. “But the love and friendship between us, which have remained the same,” said Marc says. Britt had a very, very difficult for him to handle: “In the days after his death, I did so much crying that I am at a given point in time, the pieces of my face was able to draw on it, so a week my skin had become. I was asleep when the two hours per night,” says Britt Of the Marsenille sad. “at Night, I put all of the episodes of ‘the Blue Planet’ and ‘Planet Earth’ because that makes me calm, and made. And that, my love, in the meantime, next to me, it was night, and made myself comfortable. Because, in the meanwhile, Britt once again love is found.