Monica Bellucci arrives at the film Festival of Ostend

064a1f5df0785820b40c76fd31dae0f2 - Monica Bellucci arrives at the film Festival of Ostend

The thirteenth edition of the film Festival in Ostend, all in the spirit of the “leading ladies”, the message of the Master, Lynn Van Royen. And for that, we’ll know about it, because it is none other than the Leading Film, the Lady, Monica Bellucci is on Saturday, september 7, at Ostend, for the world premiere of the “Spider in the Web”.
As for the reception of a famous artists will hear, organised in FFO for the opening night of a violent evening in the Kursaal, Ostend, belgium. After the sterlegging at the seafront, we are able to receive and Monica Bellucci on the red carpet in the company of the director, Eran Riklis, but also of the Flemish, the talent in the film, Filip Peeters, Hilde Van Mieghem, and Luk Wyns. And you can be there, too! Tickets to see the film, to attend at a cost of €15,00 / person, VIP tickets are going for €59,50 per person. VIP’s should be the end of the movie, expect it to be a great reception, with a continuous light snacks and beverages, and in the presence of the Flemish cast.
Tickets are on sale through .