Metejoor will topzomer

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For Metejoor the summer of 2019 for. The lead singer adds a splash of colour in this colourful summer time, he says, is on Facebook. His most recent hit, “Horizontally”, is now 12 weeks in the Ultratop 50 In Flanders. He is currently at # 3. In addition to the fun Engie Parkies had a Metejoor on the 11th of July, the honor-to be in addition to a number of the top seeds for the Flanders Festival in a Single act. In addition, he has received a nomination for the Hit of 2019 Radio 2. And if on Sunday he can’t wait to be the big stage, Suikerrock in Tienen on the best of themselves. No one other than Marco, so He was there as well, and thus are the dreams of the Metejoor is no longer a deception, but as he was Monday morning, woke up, was dreaming that he was still. The dream that came true, it was apparently so good that the lead singer is very friendly and will ask, “how Can I be the next year, then please come back?”.