Killed Ketnetmusical-actor and Arne Decock it would 19 be

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Today, it is by no means an easy day, earlier this year, reported the result of Musical-actor and Arne Decock. On February 17, 2019 at the latest it was a dark day for the whole family. The 18-year-old actor is getting into a power pole on the car. He was far too close to the lines and was electrocuted. Today, He is 19 years old and, as a result, it is a tough but beautiful day, he told his mother Tuesday morning on Radio 2. “We will survive, we are going to keep it because he wanted to. There are also a few other options out there. In the corner, seated in vienna, that is what we are no one, have fun with it, even ourselves.”
The family received a lot of support from family and friends, and even though there are people who haven’t been or even for the terrible things that have been done after what happened. A lot of families handle grief in their own way. “No one is processing the loss of Time in their own way, and I don’t feel like we have drifted apart, are. However, this is not the case at all.”
After the death of Arne, there is a project that was launched in the Time-forest. Instead of the ugly rouwkransen, it was decided to opt for a great cause at the funeral on Time. It happened to be in the area of the Time one of the members of the EWF, which is an organization that, for every dollar plants a tree. The forest is located in the Country. “It is our intention that, in Senegal, in a big forest is going to be. We want to build a great green wall of Africa to build. I have nothing to do with the physical things, the forest will be a symbol that we have Time to commemorate. Next year we want to effectively go”, responds to his mother’s show on Radio 2. Those who have a gift, you can all info to be found.