Frances Lefebure coat the entire Q Beach House

ccf85f439e0acdcbb411f161896d6c50 - Frances Lefebure coat the entire Q Beach House

Frances Lefebure went on Monday for a day trip to visit the Q-Beach House in Ostend, to be in there, along with a Q-dj Jolien Roets for a couple of hours of radio to do. By chance did Lefebure and her team will Make Belgium Great once Again would like to attempt to do so in order to Belgium in extra GREAT to make up. They put up a big insmeeractie’ on its feet’, so all is well protected from the sun.

“This is a subject that I am very, very, very important to me,” says Frances. “Our broadcasts are in the fall, we can get by the autumnal weather, nothing to do with it, but right now the sun is shining, it’s a very relevant topic. I knew immediately where I wanted to be when the team at Qmusic and they asked me what I liked about it, wanted to talk about.”