Ben Svenson is hit by a stroke

6bcb9435cda0628cb03118a3ccc04d28 - Ben Svenson is hit by a stroke

On Saturday, theatre director, Am Beginning (to the left in the picture), had a stroke, which leaves his family to know about it. The beginning was rushed to the hospital. “At the moment, his right hand is still paralyzed, but you can return to therapy with the kine. Give you even a lot more, does it sound any further. To the family and friends, it was quite a shock for us. If everything is completely right, it is not yet certain. The actor, director and presenter, you will probably have a bit more time out of combat, but he can already count on the support of many friends and co-workers. The family hopes to have soon good news. “We are still waiting for the results of the studies that they have done”, sounds like it’s still there.