After Andre Hazes glare at the FIVE now in The Roelvinkjes

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VE a peek as of this week, every Thursday, is within The Roelvinkjes, the most extravagant and well-publicized in Amsterdam, the family of the singer Dries Roelvink. Together with his wife, Honoria, and ex-wife, Luciënne, and son, Dave, and Donny doorzwemt Dries quite a bit of water.
The family Roelvink in the Netherlands, a very well-known. Father, Dries Roelvink, a singer, and has one daughter and two sons, Dave and Donny. Together with his second wife, Honoria, he has his hands more than full with the two boys. The mother of Dave, and Donny, Luciënne, which plays an important role to play in the series, and in the lives of its more extravagant counterparts.

In the first season of the reality show, the eldest son of Amsterdam’s families, Dave, and especially the central. He stated that he wants to repair it, after it, the badboy is in the news with sekstape, and was accused of the theft of items worth tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, the series will be a glimpse into the daily life of a crazy family, with the odd habits of the father and Daughter, and familiebezoekjes.
Party animal Dave is doing to his own words, ” it’s not much more than that to go out and lie on the couch. According to the father, He has a brother Dave and a purpose and some structure in his life and needed to get out of this vicious cycle of bad habits to come out. The said Honoria, Daughter, and Luciënne help, Dave, but to be on the right path.