The 2nd single of the year for Gers Pardoel

cacad38ac90948b0e947a39c45ef073b - The 2nd single of the year for Gers Pardoel

Gers Pardoel was in april of this year, it’s a great view in the charts with his successingle “Summer”, a song on which he collaborated with Dutch rapper, Jayh. And even though it is the Belgian summer time these days it really is at its peak, however, surprised Investors to us all of a new a single format. ‘Hey You.’ once all of the elements that a single would expect — with a very danceable beat, its very chill, and the tropical atmosphere, and an appropriate text. And as always, wrote to Investors in the issue for yourself. We are very curious to find out if Citizens’ 2nd single, from 2019 onwards, the success of the first one are going to be able to top that!
‘Hey You.’ is displayed as a digital download, and streaming. The song will be available later this year, will also be added to the Gers’ latest album.