Max, now its possible to go, in tears, on Either the

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It was a very emotional weekend for the Max, now its possible to go from Oscar And The Wolf, the lead singer was crying Saturday night, multiple times during the performance of the group at the Festival. Saturday night was the group at the Festival with a beautiful set, however, was now its possible to go is not normal and it was a good and understandable reason: to be a good friend of the frontzanger passed away a few days before the concert. A couple of times, it was Max, now its possible to go very emotional, and he grabbed for a towel for his tears to wipe away. In between two songs, he took a moment to get the audience to explain why he was so emotional. “I just want to tell you, that you may not know what is going on. My cousin and my best friend two days ago,” said Max, with the bibber, in the digital world. Now its possible to go, was exceptional in the black, all dressed up, in general, have a cool outfit. It has been very quiet in front of the stage, at the moment, and that Max is his explanation did. “He was always crying when he gets to one of my concerts. I have decided to do this show tonight, on him, on the bear”, was now its possible to go any further. The public is getting more and more people, it’s hard for some of them, fell down, and there are also tears running down my cheeks. “His name is Andrik You, thank you all for your support this evening. It’s a spit of me, that I may not be able to sing the way I would like. Andrik, this is for you, then,” decided Max, now its possible to go. Andrik This was last Thursday killed in an accident on the A12 in Breendonk. The man collided with the vehicle in a stationary