Lead singer of the Bazart wrote a song for his new love

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In 2005, Mathieu Terryn of Bazart participated in the Junior euro song contest. It was his debut in the Flemish music scene. Less than the 11 he was, as he was in 2005, when Matt took part in the selections for the Junior Eurovision, with the self-penned “The best part of the class. That song, wrote it Was time for the girl who is now his love (as a friend) to call it. The happy-Marie Wynants, is no stranger to the world of media. Marie to take pictures for a number of artists and has also directed music videos. On The Morning of Saturday’s talks Was about his new girl-friend, as a friend, as by accident 16 years ago, and got to know. “On the skireis, when I was about nine years old. We go waaaaay back. Time went on, we happen to be both of our parents are from the same organization to go skiing in Austria. We were the best of friends, and that is still the case,” says Terryn in The Future. The relationship between him and Marie, and has always been good, so good in fact that he has a short period of time after their introduction, a song that her wrote and have submitted to selections for the Junior Eurovision. “When I first took part in Eurovision, I have my song, ” The best part of this class, however, for her to write, but it also took our relationship is purely one of friendship. We told each other everything, and were by each other and cry it out.” and did he work on his relationship with his former girlfriend, Justine, is on the verge of falling apart. “That’s when I was really at a deep level. Marie could not bear it and has taken me on a journey to Greece to make up my mind to fight”, does it sound any further. And while that relationship is to jump the spark on something that is quite a scare for both of them.”After all these years, the best of friends, it was all of a sudden we fell in love instantly. They were confusing times,” admits that Was in The Morning. After 15 years of being in love with a girl you used to be really against it, could tell you, and thus you will always dolde, so that was pretty crazy. Marie and Mathieu were anywhere to be careful. “You want to have that friendship, don’t lose it, and at the same time, if you want that area to think that there will always be something played”, what it sounds like. “ Some of the other people around me, pull me, at least, to be of much use. I don’t ontzéttend sensitive to it. The last time I try to be there for a little bit less busy, and my life.”