How to go viral on YouTube?

4782c5f805b6c2c9af62c45cf88e0b5a - How to go viral on YouTube?

YouTube has almost 2 billion users, it is the largest video platform in the world, and is one of the top 3 most visited web sites.

The most banal movies, scores of millions, or even billions of views. From the musical, cats, the self-made stars, vloggers, to be simply adorable kids, and you can’t think of anything. A documentary filmmaker Itamar Rose are going to be looking for the secret to Youtube and try to own more, it’s a mission to which he has millions of views on it.

Rose speekt on some of the YouTube legend. Thus, there is Paul Vasquez, aka Yosemite Bear. He flings his whole life on the internet, and to put his soul into this. Its trump card: son, Michael, is a cute little baby in less than a year old. And Bria and Chrissy is one of the most popular lesbian couples in America. They have 1 million subscribers and their videos have been more than 400 million views.

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