Gordon proposes to do in the rehab

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The Dutch singer and presenter, Gordon’s in a rehab in South Africa, and pay a lot of money to get again clean, to get to the hotel. But it does seem to be the good way to go. “I am far from proud of, but I was hoping to accomplish, ” wrote Gordon on Sunday on Instagram. “According to Dutch psychiatrist Bram Bakker, a well fitted, I am an example for all who are suffering. It’s good with me, as I’m now a little while on the road, and know that this is the only way for me. I am very grateful for all of the thousands of statements of support from all over the country and even from many of his colleagues, and that makes me feel strong and strijdvaardiger than I already was!”, sounds like it to continue. Fortunately, Gordon and his humorous side is still not lost. “I will be on safari and we’re going to go with the white rhino, but it remains to be such a good idea, as an ex coke addict,” he explains on Instagram.