Gert Verhulst is sticking the middle finger up during the performance

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A few of the thousands of people on Sunday in the historic heart of ghent, Ghent, enjoy the action, El bandido’s programs. Jelle Cleymans in every single performance of ” El bandido’s for two extra guests to join in. Those that are communicating Very small problem, a matter of surprise to keep it. The discharge was large, and when a certain point in time, not only is Jonah, From the Yellow one, James Cooke, and Gert Verhulst, some of the songs were sung. When he and James, along with Jelle Cleymans and James From Yellow at the front of the stage, it is very, very, very unique. But it seems to have been the act of Gert Verhulst will not be appreciated by everyone. As Gert Verhulst front of a packed Center “it is Beautiful, life is beautiful,” by Will Tura on the singing, was one of the, apparently, necessary in order to have a mug of beer in the direction of Gert Verhulst in relation to him. George had been in the cup to see it coming, but wasn’t quick enough to step aside. According to The Newspaper responded by Gert Verhulst, just as we had expected: with a smile on his face. And yet, he did something that we have not at all had expected, so he put his middle finger up in the direction of the person who made the cup for him and her. It was already after midnight, so it’s no surprise that some artists, after a period of 24 hours, at the end of the. A lot of people are on top of their water, and would like to have a reason to do things that they normally would not do.