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Bitpanda is happy about more than 1 million customers – Coin Hero

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Bitpanda is happy about more than 1 million customers

Home News Bitpanda is happy about more than 1 million customers

Matthias Nemack –

Before in August, the new platform Bitpanda Global Exchange launches, reported Bitpanda of more than one Million users.

Bitpanda from Austria, posted further growth

A customer beyond the limit of one Million can not long been in possession of all the crypto exchanges in the global market. According to the pride of the Vienna beheimate operator is to its success. About five years it lasted, until the company was able to announce the breakthrough for the 1-million-User limit. Over 120 employees serve customers in all over the world. The majority of the clientele, the acting currencies of the Bitcoin and other Crypto, but in the countries of Europe home. The selection of tradable currencies has been expanded steadily over the years. This is true not only for the web-based Version of the trading platform, as it is called by the provider from Austria.

Mobile Trading for users of high priority

Also popular is the App for mobile devices with the Android operating system of Google. Also use this application to customers of their Wallets happy. According to Bitpanda could have recorded more than 120,000 Downloads over the years. Such a value does not have, according to the expert evaluations of all the major stock exchanges. Bitpanda promises to also of its new platform for professional traders, a further growth in the second half of the year. Traders currently have, among other things, on the currencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, and about two dozen additional Altcoins access. The question is interesting, the way in which the number of Users will change as a result of the new model Bitpanda Global Exchange in the coming weeks, now remains.

IEO the stock market was a good success

As the operator, are to receive not only professionals in the near future, access to new features, to improve the trading model. With its own in-house Initial Coin Offering “the BEST” the company has received according to his own statement, a sum of almost 29 million euros from investors. Bitpanda Global Exchange is scheduled to open, according to the current Plan for the center in the coming weeks its doors. Among the exchanges with the site in a European country Bitpanda has long been a literally “Big” in the industry. Whether the platform more market share, and to decide with safety, and that’s just the offer Bitpanda Global Exchange for specialized Trader with professional ambitions.

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