The VTM is launching a new summer program Good, Leave of absence

4a024184b883b751743e189cefbd0ce3 - The VTM is launching a new summer program Good, Leave of absence

In the summer months. It is time that everyone is heading off for a relaxing holiday. But what do you do when one dreams of a luxury on the sea, and the other is from a place in the belgian Ardennes? How do you think that is the one destination that everyone can appeal to? New Levels and Guga Baúl to he rescue! From the 29th of July, shooting the pair at the brand-new summer season Well, Leave for 20 students to help with the search for the perfect holiday. Work with them to explore the New and Guga, in turn, the most awesome places in the us and abroad.

New and Guga’s take from Monday to Thursday, each time with a different duo’s to come along with them and be with them for 3 summer vakantieformules with the corresponding activity for that region. The search brings them back to the original places, in their own country, but also in the Netherlands, France, germany, Italy, and Spain. Spend the night in a shipping container, floating on a raft or in a boomtent: New and Guga are ready to go, with a bag full of new holiday ideas. But even so, the beaches in a nice house, a penthouse or an exclusive yacht. Each of the holiday will be the duo of the top-tested, approved, and rejected. The location is the perfect compromise, and get the highest score?