Ultratop 50 In Flanders A Week For 30

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No fewer than seven singles on leave this week in the Ultratop 50 In Flanders. This is the case for “Live your life” by Lissa Lewis. Michael Moore is out with “Love me (by 2019)”. Marco Kimsen, and “The sun”, “We ” live now,” by Jo Vally On the” Get Ready!, “All these years” by Frank Valentino, and the Success Lane with a “do you wish you could take it with me,”

New 49 “Mucho calor,” from Wendy is a sight to behold. 48 for Salim Seghers, and sophietje is”. Yves Segers, enjoying his “Good life” at 47. “Sun in your head” Levien arrive at the 44. A good start is to set aside for Saving-a discovery and Dirk Nyberg. His debut single, “We are in the way,” starting on 43. 42 for the “Tramontane” from Tourist LeMC. Off to a flying start taking a guy who many people know as an actor, Guillaume Devos, with “After”. He comes in as the highest new entry at 23,