Tom Helsen jumps out of a hole-in-the-air

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In the meantime, nine months ago, Tom Helsen bij Kinepolis, Leuven, belgium, a call is made to a movie theater to make it available to fewer people. Tom, you jump in to pick up the slack for people who take a trip to the cinema will not be able to pay for it and he will get the chance to have a room to fill out. The Kinepolis in Leuven, and Disney put together in a function room at your disposal. “I am in them and are very grateful for that” said Tom Helsen is on Facebook. This means that he is happy that he now has several families with the chance in order to go to the cinema. (Kinepolis), shopping, and having already put in a “projection” of “The Lion King”, that is, a film that the whole family will appeal. “Now, just to be clear, this is not my main project in the area of poverty where I have been for a while about it to speak. Poverty can only be on a large scale to be dealt with, if there is a structural change. Because of this, I will change structurally, nothing is, but I’m a believer in starting small. This is, for me, a grain of sand, and I want to d zoo, like the desert get in the next few years. This is a very small signal, that is, I think, is that I am working on it and I’m not going to let it go.”
“Tom, if we want to be able to help you, you know where to find us.