Club is not coming to Suikerrock

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It is Club concert at Suikerrock tomorrow and cancel the order. The singer was taken with a fever. Club frustrated: “I’m hugely looking forward to get back in to action. And I know, from my previous gig in 2015 that will Suikerrock is a great event, so hope to be happy yet, still have to come back again”

To the full extent of the bad news. The good news is that the organisers will soon be a worthy substitute was found: a Mom’s Style in the group is around the area Of the Let, who, with more than 1.4 million records sold in the top 100 of the best-selling Belgian artists are capable of. ‘The first time, then’, ‘turn off the light, but from the’, ‘signs of life’, and, of course, ‘So far away’ in the collective Flemish memory. “So far gone” was just recently added to the taken care of then, Philippe Geubels, there is a hilarious tribute to Mom ” s style of made. He described it as ” better than The Beatles’. At the end of last year, the album with the appropriately titled ‘A new look’. One expects, therefore, to have a whole bunch of hits as well as some new work. Sunday, 18u50 at Suikerrock 2019.