Astrid Coppens is again in focus after giving birth

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Followers of Astrid Coppens moved, last week, the big eyes, Astrid posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram. And no, that wasn’t a picture of her pregnant. Less than a month after her birth, is Astrid Av display is sharp, and the zwangerschapskilo are completely gone. Quite a few followers used to be out loud, what Astrid had done to get to a normal weight-to-face. No, ashley was just being her natural self. Though the Hollywoodvrouw well as a good motivation on Friday was she in the photoshoot for the new collection at ZEB, to appear. It was warm, so very warm, was Astrid. Now that the warm temperatures in Los Angeles will still be here to feel the heat, however, may be different to this. Also, did the photo shoot on the warm sand of the Keiheuvel in Balen, a place. Astrid was not only suffering from the heat, she also missed her daughter, Billy Ray. “It was the first day I took my daughter to Billy Ray had to miss,” said Astrid, Av. Billy-Ray was taken in the photo-shoot was not an option, for Astrid, it would, perhaps, not sufficient to be able to concentrate and, therefore, applied to the father on her daughter. “A girl was the best babysitter ever, it is a superpapa,” laughs Astrid on Instagram.