There it is, Sports, Late-Night, back

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It is the first program of the tv to fall this weekend in all of Sports in Late Night. Everything will remain the same, whether it could be with a Hein Vanhaezebrouck, however, a new analyst in the home. “Harry is a great analyst, which is actually not an inexperienced in the field. After his career as a player, Director, and the city of Lokeren, he has been working as an analyst for Canal+,” according to Bart Raes. Harry got a couple of offers for new clubs, to work out, but would prefer now to have a role as an analyst. “I’ve been there since march and, with him, to talk to, and in the end this is the right time,” said Raes, in The News. “We’re going to assume that he will remain for the entire season, but if he was at a particular time, a supply by a club to which he is unable to resist, he left.”