Storm thwarts transmission Vive Le Velo

88f7ec462ab4d4f575152c2887ebc848 - Storm thwarts transmission Vive Le Velo

Vive Le Vélo, with a delay on the tv.
On the hottest day ever for the program, Vive Le Vélo has been affected by a technical breakdown. Due to a storm over the French-Avrieux, the images are not up to it in Brussels, belgium. This was one of the Bd’s programming schedule turned upside down on him. Vive Le Vélo, has been replaced by the episode, from the beach to the front panel. After The News, the episode of Vive Le Velo, is emitted. It was an exciting night for Karl Vannieuwkerke and their guests. Due to the storm, and the inevitable rain, it was the program, on an inside location is recorded.