Hanne K3 is concerned,

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Hot or not, in Q3, it was the hottest day ever in the job. Not good at one or the other, a studio where the air conditioning is on full-power shot, however, in the open air. Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen ‘ was Hanne Verbruggen, Klaasje Meijer, and Marthe De Pillecyn is invited to lend a hand to come out with a great opruimactie to be on the water in Ghent, belgium. And then he went through the eye of the K3 is really open to the public, and especially Hanne was shocked at lot of what she gets to see it. Today we went to the nature to give a helping hand,” writes Hanne on Instagram. “We have been to Ghent and it was going to be, as much as possible of the waste from the canals to the fish. It was a truly mind boggling amount of waste that we have found!”

Hanne, Klaasje and a short history traveled in a sort of explore the inner city of Ghent and the collected waste on the surface of the water was to be increased. There was a very large quantity of plastic is collected, but it is also a lot of bad things. “We all think we know what it’s made with plastic and dirt, but after a day of clean up, startled, I woke up! Today, with my own eyes, and nose can experience,” writes Hanne on social media. This experience will be Hanne will not soon be forgotten. “In spite of the friendliness with Klaasje and a short history is nevertheless, a head of lettuce in my mouth. The problem is so much bigger than we think, and I believe that if we want to, we can achieve this together. Let’s get started with the garbage in the trash to be disposed of. A good plan of attack? For those who also like to have a hanging party to this action may be in The milieufront and natuurpunt Ghent to go.”