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US Minister of Finance expresses, once again, to Bitcoin – BTC HODL reached ATH

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US Minister of Finance, Mnuchin is expressed again to the Bitcoin BTC HODL reaches all-time high

Home News U.S. Minister of Finance, Mnuchin is expressed again to the Bitcoin BTC HODL reaches all-time high

Marcus Misiak –

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has lifted its “No Coiner”-Status to a new level, he said that he will buy in the next 10 years, no Bitcoins. In a new Interview on CNBCs Squawk Box an outspoken crypto-skeptics expressed Mnuchin,, to the strength of the US dollar, and declared that he no longer will speak in the next 10 years about Bitcoin.

In an interview with CNBC on Wednesday (24. July 2019) waved to the Secretary as of Mnuchin, the suggestions that he could buy in the next few years of Bitcoin. The US Treasury Secretary said:

I will not talk in 10 years about Bitcoin, I can assure you. I would even bet in five or six years that I will not speak as a Minister of Finance, through Bitcoin, I will have other priorities. I can assure you that I will not personally invest in Bitcoin.

The comments made by the former Goldman Sachs Investment banker from Wednesday crypto should not unsettle investors but. In the last ten years, Bitcoin has objected to the harsh predictions of the Wall Street Establishment. In 2019, the Bitcoin has arrived more than ever in the Mainstream.

The Show’s host, cores, also referred to the claim of US President, Trump after a weak dollar policy to stimulate world trade, and Mnuchin asked if he will be the first Finance Minister in the history of the United States that supports this theory.

In the past, we have never let a Minister of Finance do something else, other than to say that we have a strong dollar policy and that we support a strong dollar policy. So you could be the First in the history that says that we have a weak dollar policy.

Mnuchin said:

While the Finance Ministers have always said that they believe in a strong Dollar, the Finance Minister especially careful when it came to comment on the Dollar. Let me just make it clear. I think the Dollar is the reserve currency of the world. It is in our interest. We want to keep it. A stable Dollar is very important, and in the long term, in the long term, I believe in a strong Dollar means a strong US economy, a strong stock market, and in particular because of the economic policies of the President.

Bitcoin HODL reaches all-time high

The amount of Bitcoin, which remained for at least 5 years untouched, is at an all time high. The amount of Bitcoin (BTC) offering for at least five years, untouched (i.e., not transmitted) is, recently reached an all-time high, as Coinmetrics writes in a report. This may indicate that BTC is becoming a store of Value and a medium of exchange. 19. July, there were 3.847.859 BTC, which had not moved for at least five years:

Coin Metrics calculated for the entire pristine offer by looking at the entire active offer and deducting from the total Supply amount. Although the size of the BTC has grown to offer steadily, reached the for at least five years, untouched share of the total supply of BTC is a five-year high of 21.6%. Coin Metrics also stated that the “untouched offerings” of Bitcoin often correlated with the price of BTC. The amount of the untouched nature of the Bitcoin tends to rise when Bitcoin reached a low point, and decreases when the price increases.

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