The princess Louise will do an internship at the fashion label Scapa

8d7963c786a7d72080421843dd3eca35 - The princess Louise will do an internship at the fashion label Scapa

The princess Louise, in the week of the 15th of July, completed an internship with Belgian fashion brand SCAPA, which is a part and fell to her school in Brussels, belgium. The 15-year-old daughter of prince Laurent and princess Claire had a range of responsibilities, which to her meant the theory that they have learned and apply it to their practice.

At the stage of the king’s daughter, resulted in SCAPA for a schedule, and take a broad view of the fashion industry, for which they have great interest. To the Princess, and helped customers in the showroom in Antwerp, and most of all, along with other pieces from the collection. In addition, she will also be a visit to the clothing manufacturer the Flanders Fashion Makers in the Auks, and in the fashion museum of Hasselt.

The stage was the princess Louise with the theory that she’s at school in Brussels, and had learned to apply it in practice, and is in contact with and what they want to do so in the future. La mode est ma passion” was, in any case, the young modeliefhebster.

The Royal family has been around for more than ten years, a fan of the SCAPA, allowing the stage of the princess Louise, not surprisingly, came in. By the end of 2017, was also in the news, that SCAPA’s title, had been Certified royal warrant holder of Belgium, the right to the mark his 50th birthday, if