On Thursday, the last of the Four in the Bed

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Close to the beach, to the rolling green hills of the Portuguese silver coast, is Reguengo Grande. On the top of the mountain, shines with a white pearl, Casa do Carvalho, the house of the river, Inge. Aunt of William, who, during the Four in a Bed a week to accompany them, had lived there for a long time in Portugal. Bobby went in to see her on a regular basis. “I think they will be even more falls in love with the country than I do,” laughs Kris. When Bobby was looking for a country retreat for a family of her own, was, Portugal is an obvious choice. She and her husband bought a shell and it could be in the house to finish their own standards and taste. Casa do Carvalho, was a modern-day, modern home. “The large windows bring the nature into the living room, and that was the goal,” says Inge. With her husband and three children, pull them out and add to the fast-paced life to escape from it. If they are not able to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, the house will be rented out to holiday makers. There are a total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a swimming pool. For breakfast, guests can go to the small shops in the village, chock-full of fresh, local produce.

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