Laura Lynn Matthias Lens from each other

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With the death of his father, When the Lens captures the marital breakdown, with the Laura Lynn naked. On Tuesday it was informed by Matthias Lens, that is, his father, Jan, died, it was not a pleasant information, at the residence of the family, of the Lens. Now, you would expect it to be, Laura Lynn is in the news with her fans and shared it, but it didn’t happen. Perhaps Laura is there, just not in the mood for, or she has had a tough time with the death of her father-in-law. In the meantime, the one and the other one out. We were in on Wednesday tipped off that there is only one name that is missing from the rouwbrief by Jan Lens is Sabrina Tack or Laura Lynn. Forget to mention it? That is, none of them could be on our support team to imagine, all the more so because of the name of Aaron on the top of the list of family members, and his daughter, Eliana, however, indicated it was. We explained then, our ears hear, and got the confirmation that Laura is Back, and When we are no longer a couple. The other two have to do is not communicate about the crack, the facts date back a long time ago.

For the couple confirms to Showbiz Site, where they are no longer together. “That’s right, we’re a few months apart from each other”, says brief and to the point to When the Lens. Who would prefer to have no details about the breach to give up. Well, Laura Lynn, confirms that there is an end to their relationship When it came out. “Yes, just a few months ago, When we decided to put an end to our relationship, what it sounds like. “In addition, I do not give a comment.