Gordon, let it absorb into rehab

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The Dutch singer Gordon has to be in a rehab, and that he has made available via social media. The singer and presenter gave earlier, to which he regularly used drugs. Rather, he stated in Dutch press that he is the one and the other in the hand, but the fact that he is now on record will do to the earlier decisions of the Gordon question.
“Like everyone else, sometimes find in life that some things that are not good for anyone, but there is however continue to get the pain to soften them, I chose to be in a rehab clinic for a visit. A severe, but correct decision’, you hear the sound of it. “I know that I have a stronger will, without the need for the bad things to do. The press has heard it-hence my statement via FB and Insta before all the crazy stories going around. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I will overcome this, and this, hopefully, is an example and an inspiration to many of us. I just hope that my privacy be respected, and I was at peace with this tough process to endure!”