FC Utrecht is in the quiet season, against Zrinjski in the first round of EL

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FC Utrecht is in the quiet season, against Zrinjski in the first round of EL

July 25, 2019 18:20
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FC Utrecht and AZ perform Thursday night at the heenduel in the second qualifying round of the Europa League. The Domstedelingen will play at home against Bosnia’s Zrinjski Mostar in the Alkmaarders to receive sweden’s BK Häcken. Use both of these in our liveblog.

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A-Z-BK Häcken · 3 minutes ago theInstallation! With any of these names begin a-Z at 20: 30 hours in the game, with BK Häcken in the second qualifying round of the Europa League:

A-Z: Bizot; Svensson, Vlaar, Wuytens, Wijndal; Midtsjø, Lift, Koopmeiners; Stengs, still doing it, Gudmundsson.

🔴 , Come on you boys in red!
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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen19:23 – July 25, 2019FC new york-Zrinjski Mostar · 8 hours agoIt is a peace of mind! FC Utrecht is much better, but it is just at Zrinsjki: from 0 to 1. The team of Van den Brom, after a rest, a lot of it.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · the 8-minute geleden45+4′ Cerny try it out with a ‘ pop ‘ from a distance, but that effort does not match up.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar (10 minutes geleden45+2 we have That the 1-to-1, but the goalkeeper Brkic has done a great rescue in your home. A low cross from the Guwara can be binnengegleden by Lonwijk, but the striker’s blast against Brkic in.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 12 minutes geleden45 ” There will be four more minutes.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 12 minutes geleden45’ We are now in the last minute of the first half. Utrecht, hunt on the 1-to-1, but those odds still don’t.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 16 hours ago

Van den Brom will have to think of it, because the team needs tonight, make a goal to get himself in a nice position, and to provide for the return in Bosnia-herzegovina.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · an 18-minute geleden39 Again cries out to the crowd for a penalty after an infringement at the Church, however, is that it is not.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 19 hours geledenFC hotel has a few moments to blow out. The team has a bad phase, and it is, therefore, with the 0 to 1 behind.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 23 minutes ago –34′ GOAL Zrinsjki! From 0 to 1

A huge blow for FC Utrecht, as the visitors will come from out of nowhere on the edge. After a high-speed counter is Govedarica, to the inside, and he slides the ball into the far corner.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · is a 28-minute geleden30 Now playing football in The Galgenwaard stadium.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 31 minutes and geledenWe to get a weld-in drinkpauze in Utrecht, which is not surprising. After a half an hour, it was still 0-0.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 36 minutes and geleden21′ Captain Willem Janssen, the can heads after a goal, but the effort is not easy, so it is going to hit the ball over the goal.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 38 minutes ago

The fans are doing their best to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible, and to keep it in the box.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · a 40-minute geleden17′ – What a chance for FC Utrecht. Gyrano the Church passes through his opponent and move midfielder Justin Lonwijk to the keeper, but the puntert on the right.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · a 43-minute geleden15 Good link from Joyce, from a distance of 25. Goalkeeper Brkic will be the bet is still worth it, but more isn’t an option for new south wales.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 44 minutes geleden13 ” The public wants a penalty after Lonwijk in a trap, but so far it’s nothing to do for the home team.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar, one hour ago

These eleven should be it for now for FC Utrecht. The formation Of the Scooter has a bit more of the ball, but there is a real chance there will be another one.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours geleden8 The first attempt of the Sander in this Area. The midfield player shoots out of turn, with the inside of the bar 18, but the shot was no problem for the keeper Brkic.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours geleden7 not Even potential at this early stage of the game. The sun is shining it is still quite hard and the heat in the stadium was noticeable. The pace is certainly high.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours geledenCerny, Lonwijk and Joyce are making their official debut for FC Utrecht today. The same goes for the trainer John van den Brom.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours ago,and 1′, The ball is in Utrecht. We are on the road, in The Galgenwaard stadium.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours geledenDe ball and it rolls in a very hot Galgenwaard stadium.

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AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen18:29 – July 25, 2019FC new york-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours geledenOver for a few minutes and we will start in the Utrecht in the match in the second qualifying round of the Europa League.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar-four hours geledenDan Zrinjski Mostar. The opponent of FC Utrecht, coming from Bosnia, and he got the European ticket, when the second end of the first season. Since 2013/2014 will play Zrinjski Mostar (each of the years in the qualifying rounds of the Europa League or Champions League in the group stage was never reached. This year, I won the game in the first finals with two 3-0 Akademija Pandev of Macedonia (fyrom).

👀 The players of HŠK Zrinjski Mostar, to stretch the legs @Galgenwaard030.
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AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen17:30 pm – July 25, 2019FC new york-Zrinjski Mostar · 2 hours ago

FC Utrecht’s hopes for the first time since 2010 in the group stage of the Europa League, away. The last time there was a mishap in the preliminary rounds. In 2013, he lost the game in the second round to be very surprising to FC Differdange from Luxembourg. In 2017, the second-and third-round have survived (against Valletta FC and Lech Poznan, but in the play-offs, it was Zenit St Petersburg, after the renewal has to be strong.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar · 2 hours ago

FC Utrecht in the second qualifying round of the Europa League thanks to a win in the play-offs last season. In the final, Short beat.FC Utrecht-Zrinjski Mostar (·a 2-hour geledenOok in new york is, of course, quite warm today. Despite this, we are going to just have to play football in the group stage of the Europa League.

Once️ in spite of the heat, is out in the field @Galgenwaard030 look gorgeous in the #UEL match #utrhsk.
Over an hour of the kick-off!


AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen17:32 am – 25 July, 2019FC new york-Zrinjski Mostar · 2 hours ago

Layouts! We’re going to be 18: 30 to play soccer at The Galgenwaard stadium. FC Utrecht will start in the second qualifying round of the Europa League, only to find Zrinjski Mostar of Bosnia-herzegovina. Here are the line-ups:

FC new york: Johnson; Klaiber, Bergström, Janssen, Guwara; Maher, Of the Region, Gustafson; Church, Lonwijk, Cerny.

Zrinjski Mostar: Brkic, Cirjak, Hadzic, Sovsic, As, Rugasevic, Jakovljevic, Rustemovic, Ticinovic, Kadusic, Govedarica.Back to top

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