A busy time for the actress Ella-June Henrard

5ac36ae4f95c3af9a7b5046015305370 - A busy time for the actress Ella-June Henrard

Maybe it will be a safe time to take the fiction series of Fair-Trade on tv, to be seen, but the images are so close to being done. Ella-June Henrard is on Thursday, at the word of the Mediahuiskranten. She plays with her best friend Kevin Smith in the title role. The new misdaadreeks, she plays Robin, The Robber, a chief inspector in the drugsbrigade. “I’ve had quite a few stunts to do and a lot of combat. For the first time, I was also shooting, and while I have no idea how I got the gun it had to hold on to.” Henrard was busy. Pictures of the other VTM series, The bank job, overlapped with the images. “Before Fair trade, it had to be my hair off and dyed it. Fortunately, contributed to my character at The house often, doll wigs, so that we were able to easily arrange this. It was hot, but I’m in a luxepositie with projects, you can choose from.”