The VRT can’t laugh at a joke, Chris Van den Abbeele

c80d037080c6bff86067580ce66a69eb - The VRT can't laugh at a joke, Chris Van den Abbeele

Radiojournalist, Chris Van den Abbeele (55) is the first tap after the in-joke is in the news. When a message is about, Imanuelle Grives, that the drugs were picked up at the Festival and said that they are preparing for a new role, and then Chris added: “blessed are you trying Grives for you to prepare for a role as a serial killer on our hands.” “Jokes ” have no place in the news,” says the TELEVISION spokesman for Hans Van Goethem, the Mediahuiskranten. “The journalist in question, I realized right away that he was, that comment will not be allowed to give up. Such a thing will not happen again.