Temptation Island-Cherish has a new love

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Cherish, van der Sluis, last year, was the ultimate temptation, of, Tim Wauters, in Temptation Island. Good girl Cherish was last year, not a lot of effort in trying to get Tim Wauters, and to entice him into bed. In the meantime, Cherish all of some of the men in her life, and now there is another person new. On Instagram wrote Cherish is the ultimate liefdesboodschap to her new friend. It looks like it is not the love of her life, the young man will have nothing but praise for former Temptation Island temptress. For the time being of a man, makes her incredibly happy. “You’re telling me that I’m special, I am beautiful, that I really love, that I am very honest, and I’ll be happy to make,” he writes Cherish it on Instagram. And it seems to be called, she’s happy to just “estimates”. Cherish is enough to make him a promise. “I don’t want you to know that I have a good for you, I’ll always be there for you all the time. You are the one who is to me very special, and we still have many years to enjoy each other, darling.”