Crooks attack the fans Hemut Lotti hard

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The disadvantage of the well-known is the fact that people often have for you to spend, and in this way seem to be fans of money trying to make it. Also, it is Helmut’s happened to it. The singer, a message to the false and the true fans out there. To all the fake, His s who, because of the money-for-orphans’: leave my fans and friends alone!”. So what is the problem? For the fans of the real Helmut Lotti on the social media, will be contacted by one or more people who, for the first time to spend. These people were given a message, which is that of the actual Helmut, it seemed to be coming. “And the person said that he was glad to hear that I am one of his fans, and thanked me for the concert to come. I thought that’s kind of creepy that I didn’t have to be the real Helmut, the chat was made. I kept me wonder why, Helmut, I uitpikte, and he has so many fans around the world. You know, Helmut, and will no doubt have other things to do and people to contact in order to ask them to donate to the cause.” Finally, the fan and the fake, Helmut, and to report the fake account in question. And there are many more testimonials on the social media, Helmut Lotti. One of the fans stated that in order to have a local bank account in Nigeria, and went on. Someone wrote on Facebook that every week is a fake account by the name of Helmut, on social media, it pops up. Especially on Instagram, would it be a plague, if you’re out there in the name of the artist is looking for, there are indeed quite a few fake profiles to find. If there are fans of Helmut, are effective in the fraud have been stepped on, it is not clear.