The body, Maaike Cafmeyer is

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Maaike Cafmeyer talks in The Morning, her body, ever since the advent of their children is no longer as optimal as it used to be. “During my pregnancy I used to suffer from bekkenbodeminstabiliteit, the half of my body was paralyzed,” says the actress. “I do abdominal exercises, but the pain has never completely gone away. At the moment, I was there, the humor is still of the view, but sometimes I think: phew, it’s not fair, is it? Women have a lot to give. People also like the beautiful women on the screen. If I roll, can continue to play at this age, apply, yes, ok, but sometimes I just think, guests, and no, I won’t do it, because I’m too old for this.” Starting in november, will play Her as the lead in to The Twelve on the Sunday night One.