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Ripple works with Korean Startup is Samsung too?

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Ripple works with Korean Startup is Samsung too?

Home News Ripple works with Korean Startup – is Samsung too?

Marcel Knobloch –

Ripple is an American Startup that payment solutions for businesses worldwide. Here, the speed is to be optimized and costs reduced. One of the newest members of RippleNet is a young company from South Korea, which also offers payment services.

The Fintech Startup Sentbe is RippleNet beige and expanding the network of banks and financial services, the use of cross-border products of Ripple. According to his own description Sentbe is “a financial technology Startup based in South Korea, the power through the use of innovative technologies, cross-border money transfer Person-to-Person easier, faster, and cheaper. Sentbe is licensed as a financial institution in South Korea, and seeks to create financial opportunities and equal opportunities, by the inertia of the traditional finances will be disturbed“.

The Fintech Startup revealed the partnership on its website. In addition, Sentbe was recently for the first visual agents and business partners of MoneyGram in South Korea. Moneygram has been a Partner of Ripple and tests xRapid in practice, hardworking. The CEO of Sentbe, Alex Choi, States that the company is constantly looking for new partners and innovations in the industry, because otherwise, valuable potential could be given away (freely translated):

Innovations which simplify the money transfer process, the top priority for us and there is no more accurate time than now to start this step with MoneyGram. We are now in an even better Position to satisfy the demand for tech-savvy solutions in this area, and look forward to the change this brings for the diverse Community in which we operate.

According to a press report from Pulse, has been completed in the South Korean Startup also has a partnership with Samsung to use Samsung Pay in more than 17 countries. In the Ripple Community is currently hotly debated in the payment solution, if xCurrent, or xRapid, and he wants to use Sentbe actually in practice, and will. To date, however, there is still no official opinion or confirmation for the above-mentioned software solutions. Sentbe has amassed, according to a press release from Moneygram transactions worth several billion Korean Won and is one of the largest money transfer companies in South Korea.

The price of XRP shows, meanwhile, undeterred by this news, and shows a similar movement as the Rest of the crypto market. The price of XRP has fallen within the last 24 hours, with almost 4% to 0,3175 USD.

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