Moegetergde Fabrizio said alarm

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For Fabrizio, Tzinardis the finale of Temptation Island VIP’s are not fast enough to be on tv, then and only then, can he talk openly about what is going on between him and Pommeline has been done, and what’s the state of his love life. A wurgcontract makes sure that he is not allowed to say, otherwise you’d have to give him a lot of money and can cost you. The pressure of the past few months, weighs in at seriously on the ex-husband of the Pommeline. “I am complete… and this is going to have to end up in a deep depression,” said Fabrizio in a Day, All of you. In the past few weeks is Fabrizio, almost constantly under fire, it seems as if some people are looking for him, and every opportunity to get the young man was in a bad place. If there is, for example, Michella Cox, who alleges that Fabrizio, one girl after the other. “I am weary of it. A woman is not a plaything,” she says. According to her, Fabrizio is a real player. In one of her videos on YouTube and claims to be Cox that Fabrizio is a “secret” child. “It is now nearly two years old. I’ve been there, even though some of the pictures of it at the end. And yes, this showdown will be Fabrizio would probably say I’m hating, but to me, the evidence actually is”. In the Day, All of them responding, Fabrizio this week, however, he does pay attention to what he says, because of the wurgcontract by the Dutch tv station RTL that makes him very easy to speak freely. “I am complete… and this is going to have to end up with a ‘burn-out’ or a deep depression, and even. I plead with the RTL in order for me to make an exception so that I can have my heart, even air. However, I don’t get a hearing,” said Fabrizio in a Day, All of you. The oath of secrecy, is, according to Fabrizio, is useless. “In the meantime, it will have to be clear on what’s going on, did you not?” continues Fabrizio continued. He and Pommeline are no longer a couple, and that everyone knows. And yet it is allowed to Fabrizio was not there to talk about the latest episode of Temptation Island for VIPS and up. And re the story about his “secret” child. “I want to be that guy out of focus. And her mom is thinking the same way. Let me put it this in mind: that I am an irresponsible father, it would have been a straightforward spittle. I am a human being, I make mistakes, but I’m going to be the consequences of this are not out of the way… I am a scumbag, that one friend after another dropping like a brick, I am not looking forward to my son… that’s all, that’s not true, but hey, I am who I am ‘marginal’ to Temptation Island take part in it, right? He who believes in me?”