Democrazy is strengthened and Boomtown, as of 2020,

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On the first day of the Boomtown edition, by 2019, the organization out of the news over the future, Starting at the Gentse Feesten in 2020, in place of the Ghent music club Democrazy on his back under the Boomtown, the city’s Pop and rock festival. Both organizations see this as a logical partnership. As one of the strongholds of the Gentse Feesten, is Boomtown in the next few years, a number of interesting challenges. A joint venture with a major player, if Democrazy is artistic as well as organizational strengthening. The Ghent music club is expanding his role at the Gentse Feesten. This strengthening of cooperation ensures the future of a Boomtown, is now the founder Jeroen Vereecke, the organization will have to leave.

Boomtown has been used since 2001 and is organised by the Old cattle market in belgium, and has since worked with a core team and a strong team of volunteers. The festival was founded at the Old cattle market, in response to the then lack of a decent pop, and rockaanbod at the Gentse Feesten. The work on the Old cattle market was moved, and Boomtown, in 2009, to the Shoe. In co-operation with the trade, and by the addition of the smaller venues to grow the festival into a world-leading ontdekkingsfestival at the Gentse Feesten. The festival was also becoming a space for budding artists and different art forms. Since 2017 will be the stage of the Opera.