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Daimler launches Wallet development for Auto-autonomy – Coin Hero

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Daimler launches Wallet development for Auto-autonomy

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Matthias Nemack –

With the German company Daimler, there is another Automotive suppliers, the venture with their own ideas in the area of the Wallet developments.

Traditional car maker breaks new ground in the crypto sector

Longer messages, different car manufacturers are thinking about the integration of Wallets and the Blockchain in their systems are circulating. On the already innovative company Tesla, we reported only at the beginning of June. Founder Elon Musk is known for his interest in the world around Bitcoin. Only a few months ago specialized portals also reported on the alleged role of Musks as the CEO of Dogecoin. The automotive manufacturer Jaguar has announced besides, in April of this year, Tests with the IOTA Wallet to carry out in the case of bonus benefits for the driver. Now messages also indicate activity of the company Daimler in the crypto sector. And the News suggests that the plans are quite advanced already.

Avoid traffic jams and drive-autonomy, thanks to the Wallet?

As a Partner, has to decide by Daimler for the service provider, Riddle & Code. The company is regarded as a specialist for solutions in the area of interfaces on a Blockchain-based. Riddle & the Code itself has announced that it has found with the traditional German company now has a new Partner. Daimler, in turn, is known to be responsible for the Automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The Startup also announced, together with Daimler, will be working on the development of a new crypto Wallet. Said digital wallet could come in many ways, to use. As the Use Cases are called in the house of Riddle & Code, for example, the exchange of data with a view to the road. This could be done by the Wallet in “Realtime”. Also on the topic of car sharing, the new development should open up exciting opportunities.

The state also could benefit from the developments

Even more important: the area of Autonomous Driving. Here is the Wallet will allow, in the future, the exchange of information with the authorities. Thus, the topic of insurance coverage is connected, such as Riddle & Code-CEO Tom Fürstner in his opinion lets on. Here, more favourable conditions for the policyholder, could be the result of the new Blockchain technologies. Another important keyword is “Smart Cities”. For the Autonomous method, the partners aim to, among other things, more confidence in all parties involved. As the Hardware technology of the well-known supplier Ledger from France is to be used. At the same time, the model of the Secure Element 2.0 is integrated by Riddle & Code itself.

Just for state authorities, the development for the identity of the bodies could be of interest to you, – stated in the message. The crypto market is so more than that to Invest in Litecoin, Ethereum and co.

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