Cath Luyten: I will make you happy

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By the end of 2018 it became known that the Cath Luyten and her husband, Frank Raes from the other homes. It immediately became clear that there was a new man in the life of a show it was. With him, to enjoy Looking in of the life, but the life of love. Kate chose this one for a young man, fifteen years is a long time and was Looking, along with a 23-year-old man. Kate is a young piece of paper in the house and she is comfortable with it. In The stand on Monday, told Kate that the love making is very important. “In a week, and I’m cranky. I think it’s been scientifically proven that too little sex is bad for your health.” Kate did not have a good explanation for it. “Sex makes you not only physically, loosen up, mentally, it frees you from all worries. I will make you happy”. Kate, it is to be happy with Eshref Reybrouck, director of, among others, in a ‘What If?’, ‘Marsman’, ‘The Bunker’, and several episodes of ‘the war Games’. Eshref is responsible for ensuring that there is no monotony about the love life of Kate. “My partner and I have been a long time to come. Then you don’t get enough of each other. Due to our jobs, my boyfriend and I are always together. That’s too bad, but at the same time, it increases the craving. Nothing could be finer than to be in each other’s absence, adult Whatsapp messages in order to warm-up,” says Kate in The Standard.