Stijn Smets, a new dj at NRJ

722f5e288148816a2b7bf3f0bdb75b96 - Stijn Smets, a new dj at NRJ

On Wednesday, the 24th of July we will be Stu, Then, for the first time on the radio station NRJ to hear it. Stu is well known. He began his career in the Dutch music channel, TMF, from where he was one of the pioneers. Through the Studio is in Brussels along to the Radio, Donna and the CHARITY ends up, he is now at NJC.

But some say, Elias Smekens, Director: “We have a lot of young DJ-team that hard to do, but just like in every other team, and you’ve got the experience needed. That is why we are very pleased to see that Stu, his skills with us to share”