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Newsflash: eToro CETRON Lunch, NEO and Ontology work together

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Newsflash: eToro CEO joins TRON’s Lunch, NEO and Ontology work

Home News Newsflash: eToro’s CEO comes to TRON Lunch, NEO and Ontology work together

Marcel Knobloch –

The CEO of eToro, together with Justin Sun, the founder of TRON in the upcoming Power Lunch with Warren Buffett and Charlie Lee to the table. Sun has invited some of the heavyweights of the Tech industry to a joint lunch at the 25.07.2019 in San Francisco is to take place. So far, Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, and Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle have pledged. Last night, the CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia has confirmed, also, of this symbolic event to participate in.

Sun received an invitation to dine with the Buffet, as he had donated to an annual charity event organized by the legendary Investor for the Glide Foundation, a total of 4,56 million USD. The Foundation helps homeless people in San Francisco to lead a semi-normal life.

SUN hopes that he can affect buffet’s opinion on Bitcoin due to the support of Lee and Allaire. Buffet called Bitcoin last year as a “rat poison” and particularly harmful to investors. Sun hopes that he can convince Buffet of the benefits of technology and the dissemination of false or bad information can stop.

NEO and Ontology want to promote development of the Internet of the next Generation ahead

Two Blockchain giants from China, NEO and Ontology, have teamed up to create an interoperable Protocol that the development of the Internet of the next Generation is critical to beschleuinigen. The Teams want to create an open platform based on the basis of the interoperability Protocol and the Strengths of both block chains to unite (freely translated):

In order to use the functions of the interoperability protocols completely, NEO and Ontology calibrate their respective strategic priorities to take advantage of the interoperability protocols completely. Therefore, the focus of the NEO on the development of protocols and components to support a complete spectrum of digital Assets, while Ontology is to continue to build a future-proof, decentralised identity framework.

The CEO and founder of NEO, Since Hongfei, highlights the fact that the pooling of synergies, the development of fast forward will continue to (freely translated):

This partnership is not only for NEO, and Ontology the next step, but also for the future of the Blockchain-industry. We hope to accelerate in the next development phase of the industry’s growth by leveraging our Strengths as one of China’s Top-2-Blockchain projects, and at the same time, more projects and encourage companies to create, together with us the basis for the next Generation Internet.

Some of the main features of the new Protocol are the following:

  • The Protocol was developed specifically for the block chain, cross-sync, and neither Token nor does it contain a special smart contract system to protect block chains prior to cannibalization.
  • It was developed to provide a seamless technical Integration, allowing for existing Blockchain projects, no development or Change at the Protocol level is required.
  • The Protocol aims, finality, and Atomicity in block chain, a cross-transactions (between different block chains!) to reach, with a special focus on Smart Contracts-is interactions, in order to expand the application area of distributed applications.
  • In order to optimize the security for chain-wide transactions and interactions, have to be carefully implemented sophisticated mechanisms, which are based on technical and operational level.

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