A behind-the-scenes of cruising in the Telefacts Summer

b4ec3d9a1155fb3b1f91b797cabf5974 - A behind-the-scenes of cruising in the Telefacts Summer

In the space of one year increments up to 27 million people around the world on a cruise ship, and the number of passengers increases over the years, are explosive. But more passengers means more work for the crew. For some of you as a client will see while you relax in the swimming pool, the stress and the hustle and bustle in the belly of the ship. There is a small army of workers to be perfect on each other to respond to. Telefacts Summer shows on Tuesday, July 23, behind-the-scenes of the master, This is in Miami, which is more than a cruise ship. It is a floating village.

More than 5000 passengers, and 15,000 pieces of luggage must be less than 12 hours of time, and on board of the ship to get to. While on the deck at a front of the beach, it’s behind-the-scenes round-the-clock work, with a lot of stress.

Telefacts Zomer, on Tuesday at 22.35 on tv.