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To crypto-Ex-member of Paul-criticism: Coins are a great idea – Coin Hero

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To crypto-Ex-member of Paul-criticism: Coins are a great idea

Home News Ex-Congressman Paul to crypto-review: Coins are a great idea

Matthias Nemack –

An important counter-weight to the current attacks of the U.S. policy on crypto-currencies Ron Paul, his character is former member of the US Congress remains.

Ron Paul sets a Statement against the current of political criticism

Since the Facebook are plans for the currency of Libra, and the Wallet Calibra beat the waves in the U.S.-and politicians. In the ranks of the critics, only the US Treasury Secretary, and Donald Trump not joined. The US President criticized the entire world of digital currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash to Zcash. Also in the democratic party in the last week, a new draft law has by no means a liberalization of the crypto market. The self-professed crypto-supporters of Ron Paul expresses in the gold to the correct Phase again in a positive way the opportunities that the sector currencies around Crypto and the Blockchain. The statements of the former members of the U.S. Congress in Interviews in various US media, are encouragingly optimistic.

Crypto is an idea with a future are currencies for Paul

It almost seems as if Paul wanted to specifically counteract the negative headlines with regard to alleged risks to the financial system by cryptocurrencies according to clear words. The for its liberal Position, well-known politicians called for some time for more competition from the private currency systems. He described the Coins now, even as a great idea that deserve necessarily more attention in the economy. However, Ron Paul loses in the course of his Remarks, the role of the state, not from the eyes. Perhaps also with regard to the information provided by the Libra-heads, that there are no plans for Bank services on the part of Facebook, tells Paul: “currency competition” to stay a good approach.

Real state handling is important

Under the condition, that the legislature – which is not the case for the United States alone – has an eye on the developments. The state must prevent, as Paul projects, their providers on fraud targeting. As long as this is prevented by the state, by appropriate measures, whether Bitcoin and Co, but also Libra is an interesting variant, in order to modernise the financial sector. Some observers is, regardless of the critical or positive moods these days anyway, that the market for digital currencies could just be in the local area is not completely of regulatory authorities in a controlled and supervised. Here are the reviews differ, however part far.

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