Mary-Loreena celebrates it’s birthday on the 25th of August

04a7dc670f715b423d4888f5daaea454 - Mary-Loreena celebrates it's birthday on the 25th of August

On Sunday, the 25th of August, celebrating Mary-Loreena’s birthday, in the company of many guest artists. It does this in co-operation with the Hans, About, in the space of the Style, G. Gezelleplein 12 in Staden. She sets-up her new single.

In addition to Mary-Loreena Hans hanssen’s also Bobby, Prince, Michael Baker, Jake, Glenn Thienpondt, Past Shane, Daniel and Van Der Wee, the Duo, Sunny, Sunshine, Dexter, Winter & Company, and Mike Angelo join them. And last but not least, there is a mystery Guest.

12 o’clock start, the Huge Bbq, with fries, sauce and veggies + a glass of bubbles. It is also a fansjaal, ice cream, and the show is aangoden for the price of € 29,50.
People who have only the show and would like to attend will pay $ 20 and receive a glass of bubbles, fansjaal, and an ice-cream, extra with it.
Children under the age of 12 pay € 12 and get to do this, meatballs, or barbecue grill with 1 slice of meat, French fries, and ice cream.

Reservations and payment must be made BEFORE the 10th of August, on account BE21 3770 8091 4003 Rudy Swartenbroeckx, after the booking 0496/744432, or by with the mention of the name, and the number of people.