Family-the actor’s Jo’s Hands, reveals the story behind a particular tattoo

Family-the actor's Jo's Hands, reveals the story behind a particular tattoo

Jo’s Hands we’ve all been there when Niko was out of the Family. The singing, the actor has everything it takes to live a happy life, but there was, in his youth, the one and the other one wrong. Jo’s Hands it has a very close relationship with his two brothers and his sister in their childhood was their relationship a lot worse. Constantly, they had an argument.

“Pim, the oldest brother, was eight years older than I am. When he was 16 years old, and fully of the adolescence, I was a child of 8 years old. That didn’t,” admits Jo’s Hands in the Beginning. And his other brother was Jo’s messed up, “With a Tone that is two years old, got it as a child, is very, very good. We did everything together. But all of a sudden, he was in his youth, and I still don’t. And we have a lot of ambras is made of it,” recalls Jo’s Hands are. “We are all karakterkes,” acknowledges Jo’s Hands. “And then it does the once, right?” But about ten years ago, and then suddenly the tide turned and they were the best of friends. What was it that so suddenly?

“My older brother asked me to go with them to a festival. And there I was, out with his friends. And that was an amazing thing. All that has changed,” says Jo, Fire in the Beginning. “Our relationship with each other. Since then, we have really four of your friends. I was out for a long time, the youngest of the lot, and I just had to have my door love,” says the actor. “Not any more. We were four adults, and we are on an equal footing. We have an unbreakable bond, and we have to find all four of these are very, very important that this connection is maintained,” said Jo, Fire in the Beginning ” reveals that they even have matching tattoos of. A very special tattoo!