Dimitri Vegas, across death, Avicii

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Dimitri Vegas, is coming this weekend to the one in The Morning, and the conversation goes oh.a. about Avicii. “Avicii had already been a year of ‘retirement’, when he died. It’s not as if he’s in the middle of a tour of 500 of the shows, has said: “I would like that the shows will not do that again.'”, said He. In the case of death of the dj, according to Vegas don’t pressure you to make it. “We have just come back from Asia, where we do five shows in five days, played with: China, China China China, Thailand China, again Thailand. Then, we go to Ibiza, flown to the same day in the evening at Ushuaïa to be run. That’s an intense pace, but now we are here, however, for three or four days off. With all due respect, I’m used to shift work and the night stood out: that was tiring.”